Friendly Paws are based on the road into Broadstairs at 10 Broadstairs Road, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 2RH.

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James and Liz Langton Way originally set up Friendly Paws™ in 1999...


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We offer many services: we come to your house or your dog comes to our house...


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Here is an album of some photos we have takes over the years of the dogs we have taken care of...


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You can get in touch with us in various different ways. On this page you can see our location on a map...

Friendly Paws™ offers four main services:

  1. Pets come to stay with Liz at her home.
  2. Liz will stay at your home and look after your pets there.
  3. Dog walking services are available within Broadstairs.
  4. Wedding Package Deal. Your pet(s) come to stay with Liz on the day before the wedding until the day after the ceremony. On the day of the wedding Liz will bring your pet(s) to the church, or other venue, in time to be included in the photographs and then taken away so as to get under your feet for the rest of the day.

Stay & Home Stay

Day Border with Friendly Paws™
One Dog£17.50 per day
Two Dogs£27.50 per day
24 Hours with Friendly Paws™
One Dog£20.00 per day
Two Dogs£30.00 per day
Stay at Your Home
Two Dogs£40.00 per day
Extra Dogs£5.00 per day
Wedding Package
Up to
Two Dogs
for 3 days
Dog Walking
45 Minutes£10.00

For dogs to stay with Liz the charge is £20 a day per dog (or part thereof) and £30 a day for two dogs from the same family (maximum of 4 dogs).

To stay at your home the charge is £40 a day (or part thereof) for up to two dogs (thereafter plus £5 per extra dog). This includes travel within Thanet and longer travel distances may be arranged by negotiation.

Wedding Packages

Wedding Package Deal is £100 (for up to 2 dogs, additional dogs @£5 per day) for the three days and includes mileage up to 10 miles of Broadstairs (thereafter £0.30p per mile).

If you want your pet(s) looked after that - we understand honeymoons - the rest of their time is charged at the usual daily rate - see price chart.

Dog Requirements and Medicines

Clients are required to provide whatever is needed for the benefit of their animals (food, leads, bedding, etc). Liz is quite happy to administer 'potions and lotions' if needs be and to take animals to the vet if it is an integral part of their regime. (She recently had to take a GSD to the vet for weekly chemotherapy and administer 'potions' on a daily basis.)

Whilst you are away emergency telephone contacts will need to be left with Liz. However she will act as she sees fit for the benefit of any animal if she deems it to be in distress and she reserves the right 'to act first and explain later'. Any vet's fees are payable by the client.

Meeting Your Animal

Before taking on any assignment Liz will want to meet the animals concerned so as to ensure that she and the dog(s) get on with one another, and are comfortable together. It is essential to learn their routine and likes and dislikes from the owners. This also means that the animals will at least have met Liz once before, which makes life a little easier for them.

Safety at Your Home

When Liz is required to stay at your home, she will ask certain questions to ensure that your home is safe whilst you are away. Where is the stopcock, fuse box, bin day, alarms etc? She asks that no firearms be left at the property while she is in residence.

If all is well at that meeting a simple contract is prepared and a non-refundable deposit of 25% is payable. The final payment is payable at the commencement of the actual contract - sorry about that but once we were left with a dog and no forwarding address!

Timings are always stated as 'about...' This is to ensure that if you have a flight problem, breakdown or similar incident Liz will stay with/keep the animals until you return safely - at no extra cost, but within reason of course.

Dog Walking

Dog walking facilities are available with experienced dog walker within Broadstairs and charged at £10 for 45 minutes.

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